About Us

Since our incorporation in August 2013, Breakthrough Resources Pte Ltd (BTR) has grown rapidly to become the one-stop service provider for all our clients looking to establish their first office, attain a grant, or expand their current existing operations in Singapore.


Our Mission

To be the partner of choice for each and every one of our clients through our superior customer service, consistent and continuous quality of outputs, integrity and commitment for life from BTR.

Our Values

Providing Outstanding Value with Transparent Pricing

Our team is committed to providing each of our clients quality and timely services, with a highly affordable pricing plans. All costs and processing times for requests are outlines, and full clarity is ensured.

Continuous Support

Our team of specialists are ready for any queries to assist all our clients to ensure that the best course of action is taken. Our team of specialists are committed to serving each of our clients promptly and professionally. 

Finding the BEST Way to Grow Your Business

Our practical approach to finding the perfect solution for every situation and assist our clients through the application of our technical know-how and our experience. 

Showing You How Easy It Can Be

Our Business Advisory Team consists of qualified secretaries, accountants and other experts that are specially trained in company registration and formation.